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Soap Tray

Soap Tray

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This soap tray is handmade for handmade soaps.  The tray is made from pine, most commonly found in Northern Hemisphere of the world.  Pine is a fast growing tree that makes it a truly renewable resource.  This product measures 3 1/2 inches by 4 inches and is 3/4 inches thick.  The tray has groves to let the soap drain and dry out.

The tray is available in two options 

     - Natural, No finish applied just the raw natural wood.  The soap tray may not last as long but offers that true natural option.  If you use natural soap why not have a truly natural soap tray. 

     - Finished, Mineral oil is applied, Mineral oil is not a 100% natural product but is food safe.  The mineral oil help protect the tray so it last longer.  


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